Twitter Users Share Their ‘Crappiest’ Claim To Fame

What’s your claim to fame? Did you meet the Obamas while on vacation? Did you sit next to Patti Smith on a NYC subway? No? Maybe your claim to fame is a little less brag-worthy. Maybe you’re completely embarrassed about it. One Twitter user called for people to come forward with their “crappiest” claim to to fame.

She started off with her own:

Several people chimed in with their own stories.

This guy sold Gerard Butler a CD player cleaner.

Everyone loves a great drunk Sean Penn story.

Poor Ringo Starr. He’s always the underdog.

Don’t go misinterpreting waterfalls….

Ever had a selfie make the top Google image result?

Remember: Your stock photos will always come back to haunt you.

This copywriter named a McDonald’s sandwich. Actually, he should be very proud of that one.

But this one might be the winner.

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