After their debut, Pristin has returned with their brand new song, We Like and mini album, SCHXXL OUT. Wee Woo, their debut song, managed to put them onto the KPOP rookie map for 2017. Given their performance so far, it is likely that the group has their eyes set on a few Rookie of the Year awards.

We Like is a pretty good song. From the very start of the song, the girls launch into their major hook. The ‘du du du du’ was undeniably catchy and constantly replayed in my head. Just the first second in and I could tell that this song is going places. The first verse down was the only let down of the entire song, with the rest of the song more enjoyable. I found the first verse to be quite dry and disappointing. It wasn’t until they launched back into their catchy chorus that I felt more at ease. Both the vocals and raps of the song were pretty good. The instrumental was a little smothered by the vocals (i.e. I couldn’t hear it that well) but the combination of the vocals and instrumental made it into a song that hypes you up. The tune was familiar but I don’t remember exactly where I have heard it before. Overall, it is a fun song that I liked a lot. Pristin has managed to do an amazing job with We Like.

The song grabs your attention with its sound. The music video did live up to that same standard. The girls went on a rampage, taking over a department store after hours. I liked the sets as the colours were quite bold. The flashing lights in the choreography scenes during the chorus was perfect. It’s the small details that make me happy when I look at these videos. I felt the crime board ending felt overdone in the sphere of KPOP but their cute twist seemed nice. The security guard is probably by far the worst one I have ever seen, but I guess since he did catch them (despite them giving up on running away) in the end.

The choreography didn’t seem that spectacular. Like they could have gone all out and had something that fits the intensity. But they mixed it with their cute side, which was okay. But it didn’t fit the energy and hype that the song had.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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