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Good Day made their official debut at the end of August with Rolly. Given their debut date, I should have endeavoured to release an earlier review for it, but due to certain reasons, it had to sit on the sidelines for the past two weeks, until today. Good Day is a group under C9 Entertainment, consisting of 10 members!

Like the name of their group, listening to the song will put you in a good mood, because it will make it into a Good Day. Hahaha… The song centres itself within the retro world that KPOP always gets right. It is dominated by brass and mostly anything else that you would consider retro. The song is really catchy, especially that “Rolly Rolly” repetition post chorus. My favourite parts are the rap sequence in the pre-chorus. It gave the song something extra, to prevent it from getting too repetitive. Their vocals are great, matching the retro style. The weakest moment of the song is definitely the slowed down bridge. It literally cuts the song’s strong retro and catchy melody then and there. It just didn’t feel right and after 2 weeks of listening, I can say that it still doesn’t grow on me. Overall, I think it is a great debut song.

The smart thing with this video is that it features Bae Jinyoung, who is currently promoting as part of Wanna One. It drags the attention of fans to Good Day’s music video. It is a tactic that has been used an infinite amount of times by many Korean companies. And it seemed to do the trick, I think. But besides that, the video is pretty much boring. It is your typical KPOP video and it doesn’t really set it a part from the rest of the competition.

The performance is okay. Many famous retro performances in KPOP have a key dance move. This one doesn’t really have one or I really cannot identify it. The intensity of the performance which they deliver was good, but I feel if they could find a marketable key dance move, I am sure they could have earned some recognition along the way.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6/10

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