[Review] Good Night – DIA – KPOPREVIEWED

DIA has made their return to the stage with their repackaged mini-album and the title track, Good Night. They made their last comeback a month ago with Can’t Stop, which has become my favourite track of the group since their debut.

Good Night is not their worst song but it is not their best song. It brought a smile to my face the first time around when I listened to it. And it suits the girl’s vocals quite nicely. But to be frank, that smile isn’t going to last. I can literally feel it dying off. Why I say that? Well, the track is their attempt at the tropical sound that has dominated KPOP for the past year or so. And while I do find their attempt appealing to an extent, the song doesn’t really get far. They were on a roll this year but it might just have stalled with this song. The tropical influence, I have to admit, is in your face. There is no escaping it. I don’t find it catchy nor does it have that element that makes me want to go back to it like Can’t Stop. There is an interesting mix of people doing vocals and raps this time around. Personally, I think the song could have done better in the Summer season and to appeal to listeners, despite it being a little cliché, they could have done something for the Fall season.

The video is incredibly boring. I don’t find much captivating about it. The girls are having a bit of fun and hanging out with each other. There really isn’t much else to say about the video. I did notice Chaeyeon seemed to get a large bulk of the video, espeically at the start of the video, while some members didn’t get any screen time until the end of the video. And while I have nothing against her, I think the company should start looking at other ways to get the girls well known (I already know two members are in The Unit but maybe look for other things for the other members to do during their non-promotional periods?).

The dance seems to be just fan service for their fanbase. The girls act cutesy in a cheesy way basically for the majority of the video. There is a set routine but it doesn’t feel like much for the song.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 4/10
Overall Rating – 5/10

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