List of the Best Korean Dramas Available for Streaming On Netflix 2017

Here is a list of K-dramas currently streaming on Netflix (updated February 2017). It’s pretty great considering that when I first started watching Kdramas on Netflix years ago, they only had three. We’ve noticed that this is a popular search term, and people have asked us for this list. Netflix rotates their selection of Korean dramas, so we’ll try to update this every once in a while. I tried to categorize them as best as possible, but some of them fall under multiple genres. I put symbols next to the ones we’ve watched to show how we feel about them. You can find out more about them, and other K-dramas we recommend that aren’t on Netflix but are on DramaFever or Viki in our post Best Korean Drama Recommendations. There are also links to the ones we’ve reviewed here on our blog. Have fun watching your favorite K-dramas without commercials!


* Really Liked
+ Just Ok
–  Didn’t Like
# Quit Watching
% Web Series (very short, fluffy episodes)

Romantic Comedies

After School; Lucky or Not%+
Age of Youth (under title Hello, My Twenties)*
Be Arrogant%
Birdie Buddy
Boys Over Flowers *
Click Your Heart%+
Descendants of the Sun#
Detective Alice%
Dream Knight%+
Full House, Take 2
Love Cells%
9 Seconds Eternal Time%
Noble, My Love%+
Madame Antoine-#
My Runway
Never Die%
Panda and Hedgehog
Playful Kiss —
Ready for Start%
To Be Continued%#
Tomorrow’s Cantabile


A Man Called God
Cain and Abel
Color of Woman
Goodbye Mr. Black
Goodbye My Wife
Happy And
Heaven’s Garden
Her Legend (under title Love in Her Bag)
Immortal Classic
Love Rain
Lucid Rain
Operation Proposal
Outstanding Woman
Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil (under title Go! Mrs. Go)
Wild Chives and Soybean Soup (under title 12 Years Promise)

Action/Crime Drama



Tamra, the Island

Note: Netflix swaps out its Korean dramas pretty regularly, so if you see any new ones that have been added and aren’t on the list, let us know! Also comment below on which of these you recommend.

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