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I’m grateful to everyone who reads this blog. To all my readers: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Also, Happy V-Day to everyone who put in the time and effort to make some amazing 2016 K-dramas.

I love you! 사랑해요!

When I finish watching an interesting show, I want to write a full essay, but I usually don’t have time. So here, in the spirit of six-word memoirs, are six-word reviews of what I watched last year.

Some warnings:

Studying Korean and working full-time ate into my drama-watching time in 2016. I missed a few that I wanted to see (Jealousy Incarnate, Dear My FriendsMoonlight Drawn by Clouds). I also dropped a bunch of shows, when the early episodes didn’t hook me completely.

Six words isn’t much. So these reviews won’t be as nuanced as usual. Please don’t be offended if I didn’t like your favorite show. (Especially if I stopped watching it to attend to real life.)

Leave your own six-word reviews in the comments!

Shows are in A-Z order.

Another Oh Hae-Young:

Cool supernatural premise, possibly alcoholic heroine.

Answer Me 1988:

If I were Korean, I’d understand.

Descendants of the Sun:

So many disasters, so little characterization.

The Entertainer:

Cute boys, minimal plot, mostly harmless.

goblin k-drama poster


**watched first 8 episodes with subtitles, next 7 without (since they keep saying the same thing anyway), then couldn’t bring myself to stick around for episode 16** 

Best credits sequence ever. Gong Yoo.

Goodbye Mr. Black:

**first four episodes**

Made faking your own death dull.


**sixteen episodes have aired so far**

Awesome start, bring back the plot!

The_K2 english poster

The K2:

**first four episodes**

Lead actress in over her head.

Legend of the Deep Blue Sea:

**first ten episodes? or maybe twelve?**

Shouldn’t these stars be sexier together?

marriage contract k-drama english poster

Marriage Contract:

Actually made illegal organ sales romantic.

Master: God of Noodles:

**first four episodes**

Warning: they take noodles very seriously.

one more happy ending english poster

One More Happy Ending:

Cute, sometimes smart. Weird Conan cameo.

Remember—War of the Son:

**first four episodes**

Weeping, adorable hero fights for justice.

shopping king louie poster

Shopping King Louie:

Gift from inconsequential romantic fluff gods.


Thriller that deserved its rave reviews.

squad 38 poster

Task Force 38:

Light-hearted bromance makes tax audits awesome.


Left me exhausted. And mostly satisfied.

weightlifting fairy kim bok joo 2016 k-drama english poster

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:

Silly, sweet sports romance wins gold.

Please share your six-word reviews in the comments! And Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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